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Task Force: U.S. must push for withdrawal of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality’ Bill

ON January 14, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force called on the Obama administration and Congress to press for the full withdrawal of Uganda’s proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” which would make homosexuality in that country punishable by life imprisonment or even death. 

President Yoweri Museveni reportedly said during that week that more consultation is needed on the bill because it has caused such an international uproar. 

According to media reports, Museveni has hinted that the death penalty component could be dropped due to the widespread condemnation, saying, “It’s a foreign policy issue, and we must handle it in a way that does not compromise our principles but also takes into account our foreign policy interests.” 

“It is imperative that the Obama administration and Congress push Uganda to withdraw this bill in its entirety,” stated Rea Carey, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director. “Simply removing the death penalty doesn’t somehow make this a humane bill. Whether it be the state-sponsored murder of LGBT Ugandans or their life imprisonment for simply being who they are is barbaric and unacceptable. Our political leaders must send the unified and unequivocal message that this measure, in full, needs to go.” 

The United States provides millions of dollars in assistance to Uganda, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has contacted Museveni to express concerns about the proposed law. – by Nancy Ford


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