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Askallie.com provides online outlet for LGBT youth

Members of HATCH, Houston’s local organization for LGBT and supportive youth, now have a place to turn to whenever questions come up that they prefer to ask anonymously. The Ask Allie program allows teens to ask questions online, with Montrose Counseling Center’s anti-violence program specialist Allison Vogt, LBSW, then responding to the

Since the program’s inception, Vogt has addressed topics such as getting and giving consent, effective communication, power and control vs. equal partners, abusive behavior, how to break up, safety planning, stalking, manipulation, spiritual and/or cultural differences, being in the closet, and “letting your freak flag fly.” The program is also a vehicle for sharing resources for LGBT youth. 

The launch of the new program allows Vogt to expand her reach, helping LGBT teens everywhere build healthy relationships. “The dating landscape is different for these youth, in that they don’t have as many role models to pattern their behavior after,” says HATCH youth services specialist Deb Murphy. “Because of this and a number of other factors, too often they are at the mercy of others to define relationship boundaries.” 

LGBT and supportive youth are welcome to log on to AskAllie.org to view current posts. – by Nancy Ford


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