From Our Readers: May 2009

Correcting the gay rights time line. Thank you from Mr. Prime Choice.

Please note that California’s first domestic partnership law took effect in 2000. [Re: “Gay Rights Timeline,” in “Unfinished Business: Middle-America PFLAG waxes as urban PFLAG wanes,” April.] In subsequent years, the law was updated and strengthened with additional rights, but California enacted its domestic partnership legislation in 1999, effective January 1, 2000. We entered a California domestic partnership on January 10, 2000.

Dan Lindquist (and “husbear,” John “Bubbles” Dye)
Houston, Texas

Prime Thanks
From the depths of my heart I want to say thank you so very much for promoting our Mr. Prime Choice Texas 2009 contest [“Not Your Same-Old, Same-Old,” April]. . . . The final total for Mr. Prime Choice Texas 2009 was $7379.15, to be divided between Persons With AIDS Holiday Charities Working Account, LVL PWA Camp Out, and Texas Conference of Clubs. Thanks so very much again in helping me to help others. It is so good to be back home with you all, my Montrose family.

Don “Pa” Gill
Houston, Texas

Editor’s note: Woody “Woodja” Flanigan was named Mr. Prime Choice Texas 2009 at an event held April 25 at The Ripcord.

Correction: In the April 2009 issue of OutSmart, Mike Craig, president of Chevron’s GLBT employee group, was mistakenly identified as Mike Collins in a SceneOut photograph.


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