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Montrose Counseling Center:Temporary Housing Assistance Available

Montrose Counseling Center executive director, Dr. Ann Robison, said MCC’s GLBT housing assistance program may be able to temporarily help individuals struggling to make ends meet during these difficult economic times.

This program is independent of MCC’s same-sex domestic violence shelter and transitional housing program, Robison said, and is for GLBT individuals who are living within their means but who find themselves in immediate crisis and need help with their rent, mortgage, utilities, and/or psychiatric medication.

“We have funding to help out 45 people, but so far we’ve only had 14 come through,” Dr. Robison said in March.

Income and residency requirements apply. Please contact case manager Mandy Loyd, LBSW, at 713/529-0037, ext. 340 – by Nancy Ford


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