From Our Readers: April 2009


lettersCoverThank you for the great article on Lt. Mark Timmers [“To Protect and Defend: Houston’s Animal Cop” by Brandon Wolf, November 2008]. It is well-deserved. I can tell you from personal experience that Mark Timmers is a friendly, honest, and caring man and we are lucky to have him not only as part of the police force but the GLBT community, as well.

I first met Mark back in the mid-1980s. Even though he has been through some tough situations, I have always known him to try and do his best and persevere.

Since then, our lives have gone in different directions, yet when I attend many local GLBT events, I often see Mark working security. I am proud to know Mark and wish to thank him for all his years of dedicated service.

Andrew Reither
Houston, Texas


A news article in our March 2009 issue incorrectly identified Jeff Downing as an openly gay candidate running for Houston City Council. Downing is in fact engaged to his fiancée and not gay. OutSmart regrets the error.


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