Darker Domain

ValMcDermidScottish cold-case detective DI Pirie is presented with a 25-year-old missing-person case. This relatively simple case quickly turns into a “way leads into way” nest of mysteries. Set against the British coal miners’ strike of 1984, this richly plotted and superbly written tale involves misdirected and conflicting loyalties, the abuse of power, and an examination of what family really means. Expect to be lost as soon as you begin to read. Out author Val McDermid has done it again— A Darker Domain (HarperCollins) is a masterpiece. Wonder how she does it? Ask her—she’ll be at Murder by the Book (2342 Bissonnet, 713/524-8597) on Wednesday, February 11, at 6:30 p.m. — Review: Angel Curtis


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