How Not to Make a Short Film: Secrets from a Sundance Programmer

Roberta Marie Munroe
AShortFilmHyperion (
Roberta Marie Munroe shares the critical secrets, tips, and guidelines for filmmakers looking to make their own successful directorial debuts. Lest you think she isn’t qualified to dish out advice, Munroe (who is openly gay) was the Short Film Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival for five years. Her first film, Dani and Alice, has played at more than 120 festivals around the world, and received the PlanetOut Best Drama Award in 2006. In How Not to Make a Short Film, you will learn, among many other points, the top 100 clichés that plague the short filmmaker, how to set a budget and find money to finance your project, when it’s okay to shoot on your cell phone, and film festival dos and don’ts. — Preview: Suzie Lynde


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