Opposite Attraction

‘DisFigured’ delves into the heart of the matter.

By Nancy Ford. 

Darcy (Staci Lawrence, left) and Lydia (Deidra Edwards) bond over more than food in disFigured.

Interesting dichotomy, two people who bear no surface similarity to each other finding common ground. “What’s that old, short, ugly mess doing with that young, lanky, gorgeous hottie?” We’ve all heard it in the bars and at the galas, usually followed by reference to the mess’ ample bank account and the hottie’s need for financial support. A jaded lot, we are. Thing is, those two opposites may in fact share something deeper than any of their detractors might ever hope to experience.

So it goes in disFigured.

Lydia is a big girl, but she’s got her pride, by God. Sure, she’s fat, and would prefer not to be. But her charm and strength place her as a revered and popular member of FAG, the unfortunate acronym for the Fat Acceptance Group.

Darcy is not fat. Not at all. In fact, she’s in recovery from anorexia, the affliction causing her to identify as fat. Darcy reckons her personal identification, whether real or imagined, qualifies her for FAG membership.

disfiguredCoverDenied a place at the FAG table by members whose obesity can be measured on a scale, Darcy nonetheless strikes up a friendship with Lydia. Their unlikely relationship leads the two to find they have more in common than meets the eye.  

Gifted director Glenn Gers (Mad Money, Fracture) also edited and wrote the screenplay for this intelligent, witty, and touching-without-being-hokey film. I actually found myself cheering for the thin girl. That’s a first.

2008. Cinema Libre Studio (

Nancy Ford interviewed Kate Clinton in the July issue of OutSmart magazine.


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