From Our Readers: September 2008

About all those parade necklaces; liking Jason and deMarco


We agree with Deb Murphy that throws should not be allowed in future Pride parades [See “Parade Rest” in Letters to the Editor, August 2008], not only to improve safety and reduce cost, but from an environmental standpoint.  

Many throws are made from plastic, most of which is made from oil or gas. Even those made from recycled materials have energy and carbon components in manufacture and transportation from their country of origin.

Finally, 99.9% are discarded, ending in landfills or being swept out to the Gulf of Mexico via the storm sewers.

Irv & Jane Smith
Missouri City, Texas


I wonder if others were as impressed as I was with OutSmart ‘s August cover and the way it depicts the two young Christian singers, as well as the article [“In God We Trust: Jason and deMarco Pursue a Higher Calling,” by Steven Foster]. Being Christian and homosexual and being singers makes life “interesting.”

But I must comment on a few other items that I think are very important. Most places have had some troubles with their Pride parades, as is shown by the letter to the editor [“Parade Rest,” Letters to the Editor, August 2008] dealing with people … who run into the parade and push for beads, etc., and even try to touch cute young people. Even in family oriented Mardi Gras parades, this happens, especially with drunk adults….

And it is important to warn people not to donate money to fake groups — such as the one claiming to do AIDS work which it does NOT do [AIDS Watch: “Not-So-Sweet Charity” by Kelly McCann]. There are several groups doing good AIDS work, but sometimes it is the fakes that seem to get the “attention.”

Nancy Ford’s article on the four lesbian bars [“Chances, Changes”] is very interesting. Many cities have few if any lesbian bars….

Billy Glover
Houston, Texas


Great article on Jason and DeMarco! [“In God We Trust: Jason and deMarco Pursue a Higher Calling,” by Steven Foster] They are both great talents and well-loved in the community and around the world. I’m a big fan of their music and I’m looking forward to the next album. Thanks for the wonderful article on them.

Josh Duffy
Houston, Texas


In a SceneOut photograph in the July 2008 issue of OutSmart, Lowell Kane was mistakenly identified as being affiliated with Rice University. Kane is the program coordinator of the GLBT Resource Center at Texas A&M University. OutSmart regrets the error.


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