From Our Readers: May 2008

Is Annise the top? And offering mighty gratitude that Pride stays in Montrose … at least this year.


It may seem like I am splitting hairs, but I must take some issue with the caption under Annise Parker’s piece on Louie Welch in the March OutSmart [“InsideOut at City Hall”].   It identifies her as the highest GLBT elected official in the top 10 U.S. cities.

While I have the utmost respect for Ms. Parker and value her as a role model not only for Houstonians but all Americans, I would argue that the “title” should probably go to Christine Quinn of New York City. As you may know, Ms. Quinn is speaker of New York’s City Council—a bona fide legislature with responsibility over a budget equal to or greater than that of the state of Texas. It is comprised of 51 members who collectively represent the citizens of America’s largest city.

Of course, it should not be a competition and to a certain extent comparing a city controller to a City Council president (speaker) may be like comparing apples to oranges, since Houston’s City Council does not really have an equivalent position. I just think that if one does the math (scope of influence, position of authority, size of constituency, etc.), it is probably safer to say that Ms. Quinn, as essentially the Nancy Pelosi of New York City, is probably best suited for the current title of highest elected GLBT official of any major U.S. city. But again, it may be a matter of opinion.

Glenn Bayron


Hot damn! Our upcoming Pride Parade will remain in the Montrose, at least for this year.

Last year, the Pride Committee was considering relocating the parade to downtown and [to] September. Or at least that was the scuttlebutt.

I went into a tailspin and my blood pressure skyrocketed to 185 over 90. When I came to, I called the Pride Committee, OutSmart, and the bars to get the truth. My prayers were answered. The Pride Parade would stay in the Montrose!

I am looking forward to the celebration this year, and I’m proud to be a party of this great gay community.

Nancy Driskell

Editor’s note : Read a Pride month preview in News Briefs. The June OutSmart will highlight events and activities of the annual GLBT celebrations.


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