Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Lilly Roddy presents her annual astrological forecast.
By Lilly Roddy
Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez

LEO (July 23-August 22)

leo08Health and work routines are under scrutiny this year. For the majority of you, expect your work to be busier than usual. You could be moving or expanding your office space or getting new equipment. There is extra work for you to perform, but you are happy about this development as long as you express your boundaries and don’t just accept the work without questioning. This could also signal a promotion within your department. You are a bit bored and certainly need a new project of sorts, so that is good news for you. Health routines need to change. This is an excellent year for changing negative eating or exercise patterns, and it is better if you find a more socially interactive exercise program. Doing exercise on your own is not really for you. Exercise has to be somewhat fun and interesting or you never stick with it.

For those of you born July 22 through July 25 or those of you with planets in this area, you can expect radical changes in your workplace. There could be major downsizing or some other event that creates the potential for new work opportunities. In health concerns, you have to take a pro-active plan to get your body back into shape. This is not something that you can simply ignore. Minimally, you are doing major cleanup at work and important detoxing with eating behaviors. There could be disruptions at work caused by a co-worker who seems to want to be in control of you and everyone else. Your resistance to this calls attention to the problem, and the higher-ups may be wanting to avoid it. Take care that you do not become the scapegoat and get saddled with the blame.

Let’s get those finances in order this year. If you are behind in any bills or are having problems in this area, you are being pushed to get this part of your life in order. For those of you who have a handle on this, you are looking at long-term aspects of security, such as retirement accounts, pension plans, and Social Security. For the younger crowd, you are looking at how much money you make and how valued you are for your services at work. Many of you feel you are being underpaid, and this pushes you to ask for raises or even look for other positions or second jobs. You are not taking this passively, and it seems that the universe is not allowing you to ignore it.

Your definition of sexuality and intimacy is going through a big makeover. You are more open and more interested in variant sexual behavior than you have been able to express in the past. It has always been there, but now you are feeling more free and ready to talk about this with your partner. On the more emotional side, you want to be more open with your partner about how you feel. You have a natural tendency to hold back so that you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings or drive him/her away. This behavior is now making you feel trapped, and you are more open about how you feel, particularly letting your partner know just what you need to feel more emotionally comfortable and secure. This is especially strong during the end of June and the end of November.

Relationships continue to be tricky for you, especially those born August 14 through the 19th or if you have planets at these degrees. Essentially, what is occurring is that you are not clear about what your interests and desires in the partnership area. You project this lack of clarity and continue to attract partners who lack commitment and the desire to participate in the relationship. Some of you have just had it and are not really interested in partnerships at all. It seems that the person you are looking for is such an ideal that no one can fit into that template. Part of this process is motivating you to go on your own spiritual pilgrimage and making you pull more into yourself. You are more sensitive than usual and may find yourself being a real hermit.

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VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Virgo08Your creativity is on the upsurge this year. For those of you who are able, this is a great year for creative expression in your work. Even if you aren’t in a business that allows your creative expression, you certainly need to supplement this area of your life. You should at least try taking some art, music, photography, pottery, or writing classes this year. If you are interested in getting pregnant or adopting children, this can happen this year. You are just extending your creativity into the physical realm. If you already have children, they are more adventuresome and are wanting to try out their wings. This could prove to be a time when you get along better with your nuclear family. You just have to respond to their outreach.

For some of you, especially those born in the very beginning of the sign, this can signify a time when you take your creative talent and move it into the career area. This is most likely a latent talent that, until now, you couldn’t figure out how to integrate into the financial part of your life. And now that door is being opened, and the universe is inviting you in. This is the time when opportunity knocks, and you definitely should answer the door. If you are older, this is a time when your role as the primary parent to your children is ending and they are taking on this role of parenting themselves. This could be a time when you become a grandparent or your child makes a major life change.

This year really begins a period when you are doing major evaluations in your life. Saturn, planet of future security and career advancements, is in your sign for the next two and one-third years. The first stage is examining what you are doing with your life now. Are you happy and are you getting what you want? Are you being appreciated at your work and getting the respect that you deserve? Saturn naturally wants you to make the best use of your personal resources, talents, money, energy, and time. If you are not getting a good return on any one of these, Saturn certainly helps point this out to you so you can make some changes. And if you don’t, she can make you feel lazy, guilty, and ashamed. She is like the harsh parent or critic that lives inside you and reminds you when you don’t live up to your own standards. If you listen, she helps take you to the top.

Relationships certainly need some overhauling this year. This is particularly significant for those of you born September 11 through the 17th or those with planets in those degrees. This is a major overhauling time. If there are problems, they come to the surface and do not go away. If you are feeling trapped, can’t breathe, or have itchy feet, you are certainly showing the signs of boredom. Even with therapy and both partners trying to keep things together, this can be a time when your existing relationship comes to an end. If you are single, you are working on redefining just how a relationship should work for you, instead of continuing what you have tried in the past. Your boundaries need to be better and you need to make sure that you make you happy and not just your partner.

Rounding out your forecast, your workplace needs to be quiet and peaceful—a place where you can reflect on your life and how the work you do makes a difference. Now that is quite a task for anyone’s work to fulfill, but you are still going to try. You find that your tolerance for drama at work is at an all-time low, especially in May and November. This has the most impact on those of you born the 14th through the 19th or those with planets at those degrees. You are personally and physically more sensitive, and you don’t hold up under stress as easily as you used to. Of course, like holding up under stress is a good thing! A good thing is to run away from stress as fast as you can. Watch for strange health indicators, as they are signs for you to get out of Dodge.

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LIBRA (September 23-October 23)

libra08The biggest area of change for you this year is your home, family, and emotional stability. Let’s start with the area of biggest impact. For those of you born September 22 through the 25th and those of you with planets at those degrees, you are going through a key period of throwing out your past emotional history and totally shifting your role with your family. This can represent a range from becoming the family matriarch/patriarch to totally separating yourself from your family and all traces of your past. This is also a period when you are examining the parts of your life that influence you at the most unconscious levels. Many of you may want to explore therapy or other methods that reveal your core motives about your choices and decisions.

For the whole sign, this is a very busy and active year around home and family. You could be moving into a different home, remodeling your current residence, or moving across the country. You are working on making your home as comfortable as possible. Relationships with family members can improve a great deal during this next year as everyone is more open-minded than usual. Expect your work life to get busier with an increase in clients or responsibility. There could also be an increase in pay or even a promotion. You want to get out of town for some travel to get away from your typical routines.

With all this activity, you still need some time for yourself. You find that you are not handling the same level of drama and chaos in your life at work or at home, and that you need to pay more attention to your health, both psychological and physical. You are expecting others to manage their own mental health issues better, and particularly, you don’t want that afflicting your work environment. You should be paying more attention to your inner well-being. Yoga, Tai Chi, or some spiritual retreats would do your body good.

Be careful that you don’t overstep your areas of responsibility at work. Manage your area and avoid fixing other areas, even if you can. You can also expect new equipment at work, including communication systems and computers. Some of you are doing a lot more telecommuting. You should try and make an effort to really change your work schedule so that there is more diversity there. You are certainly looking for some new project to really excite your passions. And since you are not willing to take on the psychological drama of your partner as you have in the past, you need something else to sink your teeth into. If you are experiencing boredom in your relationship, these are the early signs that some changes have to take place.

This year could be a very good year for you to get involved with community outreach. You are focusing some on your own childhood and doing some personal recovery work, and if these activities can help others, this automatically helps you. If you have children or have the opportunity to work with children or the elderly, you find that this gives you an enormous sense of personal satisfaction. If you are more artistic, taking up painting or writing may also give you the opportunity to express the more childlike qualities that are wanting to get out. Overall, this helps you be more creative at work, with your family, with your romantic partner, and with your friends.

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SCORPIO (October 24-November 21)

scorpio08Your communication skills are shining this year. People are listening to you and paying closer attention to your views than ever before. If you are a writer or interested in publishing some of your work, you should definitely be working this area. Also, your teaching and learning skills are enhanced. There is an overall sense of getting your life more organized than before. Relationships with people in your day-to-day life are improved because you come across more cheerful and hopeful. You find it easier to discover solutions to problems around you. People are naturally drawn to you more than they have been in the past, and this can really help you in relationships and at work.

For some of you, the communication aspects are much more intensified. You are speaking more of the truth and getting to the point better than ever. There is efficiency in your methods of getting your point across. This has the greatest impact on those of you born October 23 through the 26th or those of you who have planets in those degrees. If you have siblings, there is an intensification of your relationships with them, and the potential exists that relationships can end if the past is not properly disposed of. Your desire to get to the core truth in all your encounters can make some people uncomfortable if they don’t have a well-developed sense of confidence.

Your community organizations and friendships are going through a major review. You are expecting the friends in your life to be more adult-like. You are demanding that the relationships with them be more equitable, and if you have to carry the load in maintaining the relationship, you just pull away and disappear. In organizations that you belong to, you are expecting them to be worth your time and effort. Those that don’t live up to that prospect, you leave. It could also be that you are being called up to lead a group and get the group back into shape. You are certainly capable of doing this. But you have to make sure that you delegate so that you don’t end up doing all the work.

Imaginatively, you are ready to have some intellectually creative endeavors to bring some passion back into your life. This can be a great time to meet someone new, if you are single. You are very interested in someone who can tickle your intellectual lobes. If you are in a relationship, then you need some fun adventures to renew that relationship and light a fire under it. If you have children, they are seeking more freedom, and you are ready to let them have it. You are able to give them their freedom and the sense of responsibility that comes with that.

This is not the best year to be close with your family. You are slowly pulling away and taking time to explore what you really want from your life. In the past you were very motivated by the desires that you brought with you from your childhood, but recently you have been asking yourself if this is really you or just a version of you that your family wanted you to be. Some of you are seeking some isolation at home or at least away from the madding crowd. This is the strongest for those of you born November 13 through the 18th or those of you who have planets in those degrees. There could also be some family secrets revealed. Understand that this information was hidden from you because those in the know thought it was for your own good, even though you are now certain the truth would have been better.

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Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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