OutFront: February 2007

Backgammon Babes (or is that BackGAYmmon?) and HATCHlings take flight and take up the fight (or at least their dancin’ shoes)

backgammonBABY GOT BACKGAMMON. Brooke McDonald (right) is the founder of BackGAYmmon Club H Town, which right now also goes by the moniker Backgammon Babes, because these days all the players are women (including Lorri Clouser, left). But McDonald stresses a non-discrimination policy. “I want all lesbians, gays, trans, and bis that love backgammon to come and play,” she says. The club meets for matches twice monthly on Sunday afternoons (February 11 and 18 this month), either on the Chances patio or at Onion Creek in the Heights (info: [email protected]). McDonald adds, “If you don’t know how to play, Backgammon Brooke will be happy to teach you.”

Photographed by John Conroy


youthmovementYOUTH MOVEMENT. Yes, grizzled activists: There is a new, fresh-faced generation of dynamic gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the community. Witness these members of the HATCH Youth Steering Committee — (clockwise from seated young woman) Madison, Amber, Travis, Seth, and Christina. (As policy, HATCH, the support group for GLBT and questioning youth 13-20, doesn’t release members’ last names — in part because some individuals are under 18 and others aren’t out to family, friends, or classmates). Among their regular activities, HATCH is making plans for the annual Alternative Prom, scheduled for June 8 and for the first time a fundraising event for the organization, which hits 20 years old this year and is now a program of Montrose Counseling Center.

Photographed by Mark Hiebert


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