Letters: February 2004



Olivia Flores Alvarez’s write-up on Ilene Chaiken—the creator, screenwriter, and producer of The L Word [“Just Say the Word,” January 2004]—was very well done. I liked the fact that she talked about the issues in the show; it was insightful and well-written.

I also liked the Super Bowl article [“Super Duper” by Tiffany Penn]. I may have to employ some of those suggestions.

Jean Bishop

New York City


Hi. I had the privilege of meeting Mark Coyle [“The Way of Nature,” March 2000] at a craft show in the early ’90s out in Sugar Land at the First Colony art show. He was “up and coming.” It was his first show, and I’ve remembered him all these years. I was fascinated with his ability to just sit down and “do it.” He is an amazing man.

Thanks for the article!

Linda Morris



On behalf of all of the Colt 45’s, I wish to thank you for a wonderful spread [“Out Front,” December 2003]. It turned out very well and the Colt’s received some great publicity for our Christmas and Community Award show.

Jerel McNeil

Colt 45’s president


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